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Are You Experiencing Job Burn Out?

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Are You Burnt Out?

One thing I have seen far too many times is a scenario that goes something like this:

A new person gets into the latest, greatest “thing” and they are all excited and they put everything they have into their efforts for 2 to 3 weeks and when nothing seems to happen they up and quit!

Has that ever happened to you? I think what usually happens is that the new person has an expectation he has placed on whatever he/she is pursuing and when that expectation isn’t met and they have been working as much and as hard as they have… they become “burned out” and lose interest! They forgot why they decided to do whatever they got into and they lose their desire to gain whatever it was they were looking for.

Did they lose their dream?

I don’t really think anyone really loses their dream… I believe what happens is they find themselves a little disillusioned or maybe even flat out lied to about what to expect! You see I know many of the unscrupulous organizations out there promise big money with a quick turnaround. Meaning that you will get rich quick. When that doesn’t happen you become discouraged, to say the least! It has poisoned our industry to the point that many won’t believe you can make money online with any opportunity! When you lose your belief your dream fades because the medium you were using to attempt to fund your dream… washed out.

It is hard!

I have been in the online business industry since 2010… and I have had success and I have had temporary set backs. So, I know it isn’t all icing on the cake! I’m sure you have heard it before and I really don’t like preaching to the choir but… if your “WHY” isn’t big enough when temporary setbacks pop up… there is a high likelihood that you will give up on your dream. Your desire, your why… these have to be SOOOO BIG that they will keep you going even when everything else appears to be holding your back! Some mornings I don’t feel like getting up! Some weekends I would rather be having fun with my wife and/or my daughter rather than in my office wondering what I’m going to write about today! But then, I remember why I got into this business! Then I remember what would happen if I stopped to spend that time. I know I have to do it now because if I don’t do it, it won’t get done! If it doesn’t get done who can I blame? ME! Knowing that is all it takes… I won’t fail because I won’t quit! I will not give up on my dream… I have had my dream for a very long time! When I was in the corporate world I had just about given in… thinking I would never achieve my dream.

Sometimes things happen!

Then, in 2007, the company I worked for was bought out by another company and after 11 years with the company that got bought… the new company decided my job could be done for less money by others over seas. I can’t fault them for that as we are all driven by the bottom line in some way! I had hoped that I would retire from that company but instead I was laid off. That knocked me down pretty good. However, my wife had been working with a group of people in a direct sales business… and one of the leaders went to another opportunity that sounded like a great deal. It was a very good opp but the commissions were a bit low and it wasn’t moving as fast as I had hoped. Another “good deal” came along and we both jumped in it. Now you kind of see that we were obviously looking for a way to make a living and to have the time and freedom we wanted to be able to do and go where we want when we want. And do you know what? We finally found it! Now, I have to say that I am not yet where I want to be, however, I am on my way and it is improving almost daily!

I’m not going say that you won’t ever experience getting “burned out”… because I truly believe that burn out occurs whenever you set expectations and then those expectations are not met! Really, if you don’t place high expectations while you may not experiecne “burn out” it is also likely that you won’t reach your dream… it is a tight rope we walk all the way to success. You have to be ready to accept the reality that sometimes things don’t always go the way you plan and when that happens you have to find the lesson within that experience and move on! If your desires and your WHY’s are big enough then there is no amount of “burn out” that can keep you from achieving your dream! Don’t over inflate your expectations and you will be less likely to experience “Burn Out” but keep your goals/dreams big and continuously stretch for them!

So, if you have actually read this entire post then… surely you must realize there is a reason! You came looking, you found something that interested you, now the thing is what are you going to do about it? Go ahead check it out! So, it doesn’t get any better than that!

I am grateful you took the time to read this post and I hope that you found something of interest here if so please share and comment below!


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