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Burning Out: How to Rekindle Your Career Passion

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So, you’ve been an expert. You’ve spent years of working on the same thing, your company appreciates your worth and you don’t have any major trouble with your job. That may seem like blue skies and green pasture forever – at first. At one point or another, there will be that time that you feel like burning out of passion.

Motivation is really hard to maintain, especially if days pass and you find yourself chewing the same old patch of grass. This does not only make you disinterested in your career, also make you sluggish over life in general. If you think you’re starting to lack enthusiasm, don’t ignore and try these before it’s too late:

1. Break out from the routine

Every now and then, you’re wishing to get sick on Mondays so as to call an excuse for not attending. Weekends and holidays become just another day to prepare for work. That is not just plain unfair to your company, it’s also unfair to you. Don’t be a slave of your to-do list. Have some time for yourself. Don’t be stuck in the perpetual cycle of grinding, pausing for two days to prepare, and grinding again. Instead, be proactive, have silent moments alone, and don’t care whether it’s productive or not. This is major way to prevent the boredom. It is the only way to invite new ideas and innovation.

2. Build informal relations in and outside

Maybe, limiting yourself to the same corporate circle is making everything mundane. Why not try exposing yourself to people of different culture? In this way, you will be refreshed and be free from the commonplace. Also, keeping purely business relationships is not healthy for anybody. Go on and build real friendships, and most of all, talk of things other than work.

3. Mentor

Either find a role model, or you be the mentor to others. This makes you feel that what you do still serves a personal purpose. Mentoring or finding your coach will give you opportunity to discover and keep your passion from draining. Most of all, it makes you want to improve, not obliged to improve.

4. Turn off that Screen

Or better yet, stay away from it. Believe this, staying with your ass planted on your chair just to browse Facebook causes you more stress than going out and taking a breather.

5. Stay Fit

You don’t want to get old fast. Or do you?

Doctors say that one of the main reasons of feeling so bulky and stuck up is that your brain is not having enough oxygen supply. If you’re thinking of trying a new hobby, why not a new exercise or meditation regimen? Aside from making you feel revived, the right amount of diet and muscle-stretch will keep your life longer than those who choose to stay in their cubicle for extra hours. Hey, and when we say fitness, it also means a lot of rest. Think that your 5-hours-a-day sleep routine will keep you healthy? If not, ditch it.

6. Stop thinking of changing a career

Although in some case, the other way applies, the best way to deal with a job burnout is to actually face it. It’s not yet time to dream of doing another set of tasks. Before you decide, find out ways on how to fight burning out. There is a cruel job market for career shifters out there.


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