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One Thought to Boost Your Confidence

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As I work with business professionals across the continent, one thing I see most often is a lack of confidence. People in roles of new or existing managers aren’t confident in their approach, employees aren’t always confident in their abilities and the results they’re producing, or business owners aren’t really seeing the value that they bring.

The roles in the examples above will benefit when they get behind their product, service or their approach, and… that’s an inside job. (Most of conflict resolution is.) We often have the feeling that we’re an imposter, and someone’s going to find out.

With a touch of humility (not ego), knowing who you are and who you’re not, you will humbly attract good business.

Here’s ‘one thought’ that you can leverage right now to boost your confidence. Realize that everything has changed since COVID has shifted the sand. Not just for you, but for everyone. Even those who have 20-years experience before you. Everyone’s sand castle got washed away, or shifted or warped and is in need of RE:pair. I’ve re-written the way I spell repair, because the prefix ‘re’ means to return to, and the word pair means to find a match.

You are the creator, this is your sandbox and you get to decide. What will you choose to create from the confidence that everyone’s castle has shifted?


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