Work Survival

Work Survival

Advice and Tips to Survive at Work

Rumors, They’re Here to Stay
Rumors, fortunately, or unfortunately affect us in more ways than we care to realize. Take for instant this juicy example: You’re working in a small
Why Believing Your Own Hype Will Make You Choke Under Pressure
The stories are legendary. Abraham Lincoln loses his run for the Senate… twice. And goes on to become our greatest president. A young Robert De
What Does Toxic Behavior Say About Us in the Workplace?(Ways of Curving the Appetite)
Children that challenge authority want to be empowered and in power themselves. When I grew up and attended a public school in a large city
How to Use a Wallboard As a Motivational and Productivity Tool?
Wallboard is actually an advanced version of an office white-board that was traditionally used to communicate key business metrics. The real-time data displayed by the
Quit Taking It Personally
Every week I put out a tip (a Leadership Tip). This week, it’s a QTIP… an acronym for ‘Quit Taking It Personally’. Business isn’t built
One Thought to Boost Your Confidence
As I work with business professionals across the continent, one thing I see most often is a lack of confidence. People in roles of new
What 16 Years Working From Home Taught Me
In 2004, my wife and I decided to team homeschool our autistic son because we knew he would need more help as he entered middle
How Effective Leaders Support Their Employees’ Mental Health
Faced with the new realities of a global pandemic, working from home, school and business closures, and a lack of physical contact with friends and
Five Steps to Manage & Resolve Conflict in the Workplace
Conflict is a word that causes many of us a great degree of discomfort, anger, frustration, sadness, and even pain. Conflict is no stranger to

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